Patient CommunicationMobile Phone Statistics

Almost all Americans now own a cell phone of some sort. In fact, according the to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project in 2013, 90% of adults own a cell phone and that number is closer to 97% for people under the age of 44.  How can your optometry patient communication strategy benefit from this fact?

Optometry Patient Communication in the Typical Practice

So if everyone is texting and emailing, why isn’t your practice? Optometrists today see a patient about every 15-20 minutes. For a larger practice, that number can vary even more. Meaning, your staff are already doing a lot of other revenue generating administrative tasks that need manual attention like billing for insurances, checking-in patients, and pulling authorizations — to name a few. Reaching out to patients for appointment confirmations and glasses are ready calls can become impractical and overwhelming in an everyday workflow. What’s to speak of manually sending out recall postcards for patients that had appointments with your practice over a year ago? In fact, certain practices will hire someone just this more manual optometry patient communication process.

5 Benefits of Automating Optometry Patient Communication

The benefits of automating your optometry patient communication, appointment recalls and appointment reminders, can revolutionize the way your practice interacts with patients in these ways:

  1. Automating texts, emails, and voice calls for your general patient follow up activities, frees up your staff to focus on patients and their optical needs to increase revenue per patient.
  2. Reach more of your patient database with one click because you can now utilize text and emails as opposed to just voice calls or snail mail.
  3. Cuts down on paper, printing, and postage costs.
  4. More organization and documentation on which patients have been reached out to and which have not.
  5. Gives your patients the opportunity to reschedule and send them a reminder in case they may have forgotten about their appointment.

How EyePegasus Can Help with Optometry Patient Communication

These are just to name a few benefits. With EyePegasus, all the features you need for patient communication and recalls are built into one comprehensive solution. There is no need to integrate with other vendors – thereby, eliminating pesky data transfer issues between systems. For more info, request a demo.