Optometry Social Media InsightsWith the power of social media, you can make a huge difference by promoting your business with the press of a button. Millennials seem to be the primary users of social media, the reality is however that people from all generations are adopting it as well. Promoting your optometric practice with social media is crucial in setting the foundation for creating meaningful interactions with your patient base when they are not in the practice. This post will highlight 4 ways your practice can utilize optometry social media insights to efficiently promote  your business.

Visual Content for Your Consumers

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of people are visual learners. Therefore, visual information is critical for captivating people’s attention. Optometry practice that utilize social media should strive to get the latest and greatest information to their patients. Tell them about what’s going on in the practice, what new developments there are in the eye care industry, what the hottest frames are, fun eye facts! And even better, if you can create visual learning materials and posts, you’re more likely to get higher engagement.

Know the Prime Times for Patient Interaction

Revive Social claims that the best times to post on Facebook and Instagram are approximately 12 pm. Why, is the question. The timing is so that you can catch people during their lunch break or downtime. Additionally, if people aren’t checking their phones during lunch, then you can definitely count on them perusing through their newsfeed after work. Making another great time to post around 5-7 pm as well. It’s important to think about your audience, and when they are most likely to interact with their social media accounts.

Optometry Social Media Insights for the Perfect Post

Forbes emphasizes the fact that consumers are naturally drawn towards visual content more than reading text, but what are the components of a perfect post? Create engaging posts with illustrations (funny photos, infographics, quick eye facts, ways to improve eye health etc) and minimize the amount of words. The other important part is you want to create content that sparks a conversation. Ask your audience relevant questions, do a giveaway for sharing your post, or run a poll to see what your audience thinks of certain products/frames. Post a frame then ask your audience if its “HOT or NOT” and make it a weekly fun event. Social media is about two way communication and sharing. Therefore, the more engaging, the better. Always strive to create content that leaves room for your audience to interact with your post and their friends.

Other Helpful Social Media Channels

Along with Instagram and Facebook, there are a number of companies that will help boost your business with the following optometry social media insights:

Yelp: Update your page with the current office hours, pictures of your office and respond to your reviews, whether they are positive or negative. Offer vouchers for their next review. If you are against asking your patients to leave reviews, offer a voucher through Yelp by having them “check-in” or update a picture of their favorite pair of glasses.

Banyan: This advertising company will send your office eye-care related props to use as a way of interacting patients with the office. Their app allows your posts to directly link with the office Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Google: Link your practice with Google reviews, making it easier for patients to access them as they search for your practice online.

Later: As the name suggests, this app allows you to prepare your posts and schedule them to be posted later. This works hand-in-hand for busy practices who may not have the time to think of a genuinely creative post on the spot. There are several apps like Later that can be searched online.