Social media marketing power for optometrists opens doors for people to thrive in the world of business marketing. Optometry practices join the trend to target their patients in their communities with key methods revolving around the topic of eye health and optical trends. The Review of Optometry recently published an article [1] suggesting five optometry-related pages on Instagram to follow because of their strong follower base and useful content; these five people share common methods in maintaining user engagement with consistent material, specifically-timed posts and unique, yet relatable, content.

As the creator of the social media community Overheard Optometry [2], I especially resonate with these methods because of the results I personally witness. Established in October 2016, the Instagram page currently holds nearly 6500 followers with an average of 100 new ones every week; the Facebook page [3] garners 50-100 new followers every week with more than 5700 current subscribers. Take a look at how you can successfully manage your optometry page with the following key methods.

Conciseness and Consistency

One crucial way to capture followers on social media is to consistently deliver minimal content on a daily basis. Alyssa Deitchman on Social Network Use and Attention [4] discusses the tendency of people multitasking between social media and other apps; they may see a post on Instagram and scroll down, which is why consistency is key in sparking social media engagement.

Another key aspect is the keep the material brief enough to ensure people will read instead of scroll along; Deitchman explains in her study that “[followers] will no longer strive for in-depth focus on a task and will instead conduct activities in a surface level manner” (2018).

Displaying your content regularly for your optometry page means your advertising is constantly in your followers’ news feed, making them more likely to follow your page and make an appointment at your office. From another encouraging standpoint, this method is sure to work the since the likelihood of your patients and clients following other optometry pages is slim. Overheard Optometry publishes one post every morning at 7:00 AM PST for people in other regions to engage in the post before primetime for social media engagement is over—a topic that will be discussed next. This is just the start to enhance social media marketing power for optometrists.

Primetime Interaction 

Studies are constantly conducted on social media marketing power for optometrists to explain the best times during the day to publish content on social media. According to an article [5] published by Laura Forer on MarketingProfs, the best days and times to publish material specifically on Instagram are Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually between 11 AM—2 PM and from 4 PM—6 PM. The pattern observed during these time slots indicates times that users presumably have a break from work and/or school and when they return home. Although the other days of the week are not as “popular” for primetime engagement, it is still important to keep a pattern to give followers no reason to unfollow your page.

Forer explains that Wednesday and Thursday have the highest audience activity between 9 AM—2 PM and 8 PM—9 PM on Facebook, suggesting that Instagram may be easier to access due to the cleaner interface of photos only versus photos and words on Facebook’s newsfeed.

Unique Visual Content to Enhance Social Media Marketing Power for Optometrists

Focus on your community’s interests to target the patients you want to bring in to your practice. If your patients are interested in beauty and fashion, post about the importance of replacing mascara every 6 months or introduce designer frames to your page and keep a balance between eye health and fashion.

Include images to enhance the variety of your optometry page. Catriona Pollard of the Huffington Post writes that visual content [6] statistically “generate 53 per cent more likes than a text-based post,” which further explains why Instagram garners more user engagement than Facebook.

As an optometrist, you can begin the trend by exhibiting these key routines for social media and anticipate a flourishing business. Following the three main methods explained above will guarantee user engagement on your page, and the opportunities will be endless to make your practice succeed as the most popular optometric practice in town.