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Electronic Health Records

Top 25 built-in features

  1. Simultaneous access to a patient’s chart by multiple users.
  2. Plan templates.
  3. Customizable plan notes library.
  4. Services and diagnosis auto coding.
  5. E/M Advisor.
  6. Drag-and-Drop, auto-coded ophthalmoscopy documentation.
  7. External slit lamp drawings.  
  8. Workflow flow builder.
  9. Fully customizable care coordination letters.
  10. Image management. 
  11. Automatic CC & HPI generation. 
  12. Custom tests.
  13. Custom Keyboards.
  14. Steep axis and avg k automatic calculation.
  15. Automatic vertex and transpose of manifest Rx.
  16. IOP graphical visualization.
  17. Single page full exam view.
  18. Open charts labels.
  19. Past EHR data overview.
  20. Access to practice management eDocs.
  21. All normal values.
  22. Pull from historical data.
  23. Bidirectional patient history/check-in data synchronization.
  24. Findings and indications management 
  25. Custom diagnosis names.


Top 25 built-in features

  1. Automated prescription generation from EHR.
  2. Rx expiration date alert.
  3. Quick Pick: Discount/promotional packages.
  4. Quick Pick: One click lens order generation.
  5. Rx, lens, frames and contact lenses status management.
  6. Promise date management.
  7. Integrated frames inventory.
  8. Frames barcode management.
  9. One click redo management.
  10. Outside Rx support.
  11. Quick optical pricing.
  12. Lab order management.
  13. Print Rx.
  14. Glasses and contacts ready for pick-up management.
  15. Frames inventory management across multi-location.
  16. Partial or full frames inventory count.
  17. Return frames to inventory.
  18. Frames inventory mass update.
  19. Frames Qty on hand management.
  20. Automatic frames fee calculation.
  21. Consignment frames.
  22. Wholesale, actual and retails fee management.
  23. Multi-location ophthalmic lenses management.
  24. Price List or stock contact lenses management.
  25. Multi-location contact lenses management.


Top 25 built-in features

  1. Multiple doctors side-by-side.
  2. One click to schedule at another location.
  3. Multiple scheduling lanes for the same doctor.
  4. Day and week views.
  5. One click template override.
  6. Detailed templated setup.
  7. Ability to filter schedules by a particular service.
  8. Drag-and-drop rescheduling.
  9. One click to block time.
  10. Ability to filter schedule by particular doctors. 
  11. Summary and detailed views of scheduled appointments.
  12. Multiple zoom levels.
  13. One click access to recall, cancelled and no-show lists.
  14. Drag-and-drop from recall, cancelled and no-show lists.
  15. One click daily notes.
  16. Regular and exception templates.
  17. Easy template setup using copy from existing template.
  18. One click to schedule follow-up.
  19. Customizable “Week starts from” option.
  20. Ability to skip day, week or month ahead for future scheduling.
  21. Custom color per service for easy visualization.
  22. Ability to take co-payment while scheduling.
  23. Ability to easily add new insurance while scheduling.
  24. One click access to full appointment history while scheduling.
  25. Easy access to appointment notes, alerts and no-show count.

Revenue Cycle Management

Top 25 built-in features

  1. Detailed U&C and fee-schedule setup for products and services.
  2. Automatic generation of open charges from EHR and optical.
  3. Detailed and intuitive optical pricing.
  4. One click open charges to invoice posting.
  5. Detailed and intuitive point-of-sales for patient invoicing.
  6. Intuitive and detailed patient ledger.
  7. Easy patient ledger corrections. 
  8. Patient ledger line items and/or grouped by invoice views. 
  9. Automatic insurance claims generation.
  10. Automatic claim audit to avoid predictable denials.
  11. Full exam view within claim to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  12. One click ICD-10 look-up while in claim view.
  13. Ability to transfer patient balance to insurance.
  14. EOB posting per patient (summary).
  15. EOB posting per line item (detailed).
  16. Patient invoice view while posting EOB to ensure accuracy.
  17. Transfer insurance balance to patient or another insurance.
  18. Bulk insurance balance write-off; single or multi-patient.
  19. Ability to filter insurance balance per DOS for easy EOB posting.
  20. Automatic insurance payment linkage with patient ledger.
  21. Insurance payments historical view.
  22. One click patient statement generation.
  23. Patient statement customization.
  24. Patient A/R filter by aging.
  25. Patient balance “Last Reminded Date” management.

Practice Management

Top 25 built-in features

  1. Multiple charts open at the same time.
  2. One way, manual text messages and emails.
  3. HIPAA compliant and cloud native.
  4. Insightful production dashboard for detailed financial analysis.
  5. Scanning and electronic documents management.
  6. Home page summary of daily appointments.
  7. Easily find patients by cell phone, DOB or first and last name.
  8. Easy recall setting and processing.
  9. Daily notes.
  10. Detailed user permissions for granular system access.
  11. External contacts, labs and referring doctors management.  
  12. Automatic patient email validation.
  13. Patient’s list for marketing campaigns.
  14. Task management.
  15. Duplicate charts prevention algorithm.
  16. Audit log for detailed system monitoring.
  17. Family members management.
  18. Daily sheet to ensure financial accuracy.
  19. Clock-in/out functionality and timesheet reporting. 
  20. Support for multi-locations.
  21. Nineteen manager preferences for full system customization.
  22. Customizable patient communication templates.
  23. One-click switch between locations.
  24. Built-in support tickets.
  25. Patients open charges management.


No. All built-in features are included with every subscription. Please visit our Pricing page for details.

This list contains our top 25 built-in features only and does not reflect the full extent of functionalities we offer. Please contact us and request a demo to learn more.

If you are looking for a specific functionality outside of our built-in features, please check out our Modular Solutions page. Modular Solutions are available for an additional fee. Select modules are included in our Professional and Enterprise package.

Yes. If there is a feature that EyePegasus does not provide, you have the option to subscribe to our Enterprise Package and request private custom features which we will develop specifically for your practice.

The best way to get clarification and address any concerns you may have is to request a demo with our EyePegasus experts.

Most EHR features are available on both, our desktop (website) version of the EHR and native iOS EHR app.

Yes. However, interface limitations might make one platform more appropriate for using certain features over another. 

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