Patient Communication


In today’s digital age, effective patient communication is key to running a successful optometry practice. Establishing seamless communication channels that foster engagement and improve care coordination is essential. Our Patient Communication modules offers a comprehensive solution, enabling optometrists to connect with patients through manual or automated text messages, emails, and voice calls. By leveraging this feature, you can enhance patient engagement, streamline communication processes, and deliver personalized care. Let’s explore the benefits and transformative impact this feature can have on your practice.


Timely Communication

The Patient Communication feature allows you to send personalized messages to patients, creating a strong doctor-patient relationship. Whether it’s appointment reminders, recalls, or glasses are ready for pickup information, you can communicate important details to patients in a timely manner. By offering personalized communication, you demonstrate your commitment to their well-being, enhancing patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Automated Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments can disrupt your practice’s schedule and impact revenue. With our Patient Communication feature, you can automate appointment reminders. Patients receive timely reminders via text messages, emails, or voice calls, ensuring they never miss an appointment. This automated system significantly reduces no-shows and last-minute cancellations, allowing you to optimize scheduling, maintain a productive workflow, and maximize revenue.


Efficient Recall

Patient recall management are vital for ongoing care and preventive screenings. Our Patient Communication feature simplifies this process, allowing you to schedule automated recalls for yearly exam. By proactively managing patient recalls, you ensure continuity of care and reduce the risk of untreated eye conditions. This efficient recall and follow-up system contribute to improved patient satisfaction.


The Consequences of Inadequate Patient Communication

Without a robust patient communication system, your optometry practice may face challenges that impact patient engagement and care coordination. Missed appointments, lack of timely information, and communication gaps can lead to patient dissatisfaction, treatment delays, and suboptimal outcomes. Inefficient communication processes may also strain staff resources, hinder productivity, and impact practice reputation.



Effective patient communication is a cornerstone of a successful optometry practice. By leveraging our Patient Communication feature, you can connect, engage, and optimize care for your patients. From personalized reminders to automated notifications, this feature streamlines communication, enhances patient satisfaction, and drives better treatment outcomes. Embrace the power of advanced patient communication tools and take your optometry practice to new heights of success and patient-centered care.

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EyePegasus' Modular Solutions

Online Scheduler

Patients can easily find their doctors and schedule appointments online. Patients benefit by having access to their doctor’s live schedule and staff members benefit by being able to prioritize other important tasks in the office.

Electronic Billing

Reduce costs and errors, streamline billing operations and speed up reimbursement. EyePegasus is certified by Trizetto to electronically generate and submit medical, and most vision insurance claims.

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Two Ways SMS

Stay in touch with your patients, improve communication and increase overall patient satisfaction. With two-ways text messages you can keep context of your conversations and reach your patients efficiently.


Want to prescribe medications electronic? Are you mandated to do so? EyePegasus partnered with Rcopia® by DrFirst, the #1 electronic prescriptions provider in the industry, to make e-Prescribing easy, secure and compliant.

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Advanced Scanning

EyePegasus features an effective scanning solution aimed at doctors who are currently looking to efficiently and securely digitize their existing paper charts. In addition, day-to-day scanning flows are also supported.

Auto Patient Charge

EyePegasus allows you to configure patient's eligibility and contracted amounts before the appointment day and automatically calculate patients charges eliminating costly mistakes and speeding up the check-out process.

Patient Portal

EyePegasus portal allows patients to provide information such as histories, demographics and insurance changes ahead of time and access important information in order to maximize efficiencies while in the office.

Patient Communication

EyePegasus sends out automated text messages, emails and voice calls regarding appointment reminders and recalls in order to reduce no-shows and free staff members from this important, but time consuming task.

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Patient Marketing

EyePegasus provides a fully featured email marketing solution allowing you to create and manage campaigns aimed a particular segments of your patients regarding specific products and/or services promotions.

Business Intelligence

EyePegasus makes use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to calculate and project important business metrics providing mangers and owners valuable information to help in key decision making processes.

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Electronic Check-in

Patients are able to use a tablet in order to provide check-in information such as histories, insurance and demographics changes, sign HIPAA and other applicable forms; reducing errors and streamlining patient flow.

Internal Chat

Improve internal communication between staff and doctors using instant chat. Conversations can be private or public, in a group or one-on-one. Access your chats even while out-of-office by using your mobile devices.

Phone Support

EyePegasus is very intuitive; therefore most of your questions can be answered via our built-in support ticket system in an effective and timely manner. However, phone support is also available if needed.

Auth. & Eligibility

EyePegasus eliminates the time consuming task of manually pulling authorizations and checking for eligibility by automating and streamlining this process; giving you more time to focus on other important tasks.


EyePegasus is integrated with FramesData allowing you to use their database of frames in order to streamline inventory management and patient's glasses order. You can transfer your existing subscription or activate a new one.

Optical Sales Tool

EyePegasus' iPad app uses insightful visuals to educates patients on the differences between their choices of lenses and add-ons. With a better understanding patients will be more inclined to invest on their health and looks.