EyePegasus EHR Testimonial

Why EyePegasus EHR is the best solution for your optometry practice:  An interview with Dr. Jackie Evans (Ellington Eyecare)   Q: What was it like before you had EyePegasus’ product or service? Dr. Evans: “Before using EyePegasus as a private practice owner, I utilized various EHR’s at other doctor’s offices as an associate doctor. The […]

Optometry ­Glaucoma Screenings

Have you implemented glaucoma screenings in your optometry practice? If not, then this article will hopefully give you some insights as to the benefits and approach of glaucoma management. Currently all states allow optometrists to manage glaucoma. For example, in California, the California Access to Vision Bill (Senate Bill 1406) was passed in 2008, which […]

New Features & Sneak Peek!

As we near the end of 2023, we are excited to share with you the incredible progress we’ve made over the past two years in enhancing the EyePegasus system to better serve your needs. Our mission has always been to provide optometrists and their staff with a comprehensive, modern and user-friendly solution, and we believe […]

New E/M Coding Guidelines for Optometrists

In 2021, CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) changed their old 1995/1997 E/M coding rules to allow doctors to document their visits based on medical decision-making (MDM) or time alone. Although still an essential and required part of every office visit, patient history and physical exam elements were completely eliminated from the E/M coding […]

HIPAA Compliance within Optometry

Running a successful practice in today’s competitive eye care industry requires you to be up to date and aware of everything that happens under your roof. From overseeing personnel to payroll and bookkeeping, an owner/practitioner or office manager wears many hats. One of the key areas of practice management that cannot be compromised is HIPAA […]

Optometry E/M Coding Made Easy

Optometry offices that screen for, or even treat, medical conditions such as Glaucoma should submit their medical insurance claims with the appropriate medical service code, aka Optometry E/M Coding, for proper reimbursement. The ruling agency for E/M coding is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), but other insurances have adopted those same E/M […]