EyePegasus EHR Testimonial

Why EyePegasus EHR is the best solution for your optometry practice: 

An interview with Dr. Jackie Evans (Ellington Eyecare)

EyePegasus EHR Testimonial


Q: What was it like before you had EyePegasus’ product or service?

Dr. Evans: “Before using EyePegasus as a private practice owner, I utilized various EHR’s at other doctor’s offices as an associate doctor. The common theme was that most of the mainstream EHRs being utilized were overly complicated with confusing layouts that simply were not user friendly. Learning to navigate them took months, and very often, I never quite felt completely comfortable going beyond simply inputting an RX into the system. The integration of media files such as photos and videos was also missing or could only be included with pricey upgrades to the subscription service.”

Q: What problem(s) were you trying to solve with EyePegasus’ product or service?

Dr. Evans: “When researching an EHR that would fit my tele-optometry practice needs, I sought to incorporate one that would be easy to learn by staff including opticians and doctors alike. But I also wanted to be able to keep patient scheduling and the EHR together in a convenient place. Additionally, I was looking for a solution that would be able to integrate media such as patient photos into an EHR at an affordable price.”  

Q: What made EyePegasus’ product or service stand out from other options?

Dr. Evans: “The EyePegasus interface is clean and intuitive. When you use it, there are no distractions or clutter of sideline text indicators of billing, lab orders, etc. Everything is compartmentalized and neatly hidden in drop down boxes. This adds tremendous value in a doctor’s ability to review patient charts in a chronological way that makes sense with the actual exam flow.” 

Q: What sold you on buying EyePegasus’ product or service?

Dr. Evans: “The ability for EyePegasus representatives to answer my questions every step of the way as I was researching the platform, no matter how small, was amazing. After subscribing to the EHR, nothing has changed. The receptiveness and prompt responsiveness is just as exceptional as when I first began using the platform 2 years prior.” 

Q: What made you happiest about working with EyePegasus as a company?

Dr. Evans: “What has made me happiest about working with Eyepegasus is the amazing support that has been consistently provided, but also the ability to communicate with the support team and developers regarding recommendations and improvements. They are always open to listening and learning how to constantly make their platform better as the needs of eyecare change.”   

Q: What have you been able to achieve since using EyePegasus’ product or service?

Dr. Evans: “I have been able to grow my practice from 1 to 18 locations within 2 years, backed by the confidence that the EyepePasus platform could support this growth and that it would make the ability to see patients at multiple offices via tele-optometry very manageable.” 

Q: What is the main reason you recommend EyePegasus’ product or service?

Dr. Evans: “I would recommend EyePegasus to anyone due to the ease of use and the reliability of the platform.” 

Q: If there is one word you could use to describe your experience with EyePegasus, what would it be and why?

Dr. Evans: “Simple.”

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